Elite Bridal offers private one-on-one consultations. Our goal is to provide our clients with an enjoyable and memorable experience, as well as find them the perfect dream dress. That means that our clients will be offered a diverse selection of wedding gowns and their needs will be our primary focus.


As most brides prefer not to be in the center of a crowded store, our shopping experience will be catering to one bride at a time.

Our ideal client would be a bride who is looking for an intimate experience or a bride who is finding it difficult to find that perfect wedding gown that meets their needs.


Elite Bridal sources custom and original wedding gowns from Europe that are not available anywhere else in Canada.

We believe that your wedding gown should be everything that you want! Therefore, all of our wedding gowns offer custom changes. So brides can pick and choose exactly what they want their wedding dress to have and look like.